Ignition Interlock Devices

An ignition interlock device (IID) is required by law under the following circumstances: as condition of bond, as condition of probation, or in order to obtain an occupational driver’s license.

 Ignition interlocks are alcohol monitoring devices installed in a vehicle. The driver is required to blow into the device prior to starting the vehicle.  If the breath sample registers above a certain blood alcohol concentration (BAC) the vehicle will not start. An IID also periodically requires a breath sample as the person continues driving. Most IIDs are also equipped with a camera to capture the person providing the sample.

An IID may be required as a condition of bond if your BAC was above a 0.15 or if the arrest is a subsequent DWI. While the case is pending, you will be monitored by the device. If a person drinks the night before, they will likely blow a violation in the morning.  This may lead to a judge increase the bond, which means a person will be rearrested and required to bond out again.

Even after a case is resolved, a person may be required to have an IID as a condition of probation.  A person does not get credit for the time they had the device on their car as a condition of bond.

A person may also be required to install an IID in order to obtain an occupational driver’s license.

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