After having a “routine” traffic stop escalate into a potentially devastating felony, I was in need of help. I needed someone to fight for me, not put more fear into me by telling me how hard this is going to be, and then asking me for my account number. I felt as though I had a strong case and good argument. What I needed was an attorney who would first listen to me, look at the facts, and then consider the evidence. After hearing me out, Kelli walked into the court room, with as much ambition as myself, to dispose of my case. It was not long before Kelli returned with the best news one could get. CASE DISMISSED. Working seasonally out of state, and in the process of moving. I could not afford to have a lengthy drawn out legal process consume my time. Kelli used her extensive knowledge of the law, as well as her prior experience to effectively save my driving record as well as my career from being forever tarnished. I would recommend Kelli to any good person in a bad situation. You simply cannot put a price on having some like her in your corner. Meeting her has felt like a blessing.
 – David
I was arrested for class B DWI. I made the mistakes of taking field sobriety test and breathalyzer. They were not in my favor. But Gerald worked diligently to win me deferred adjudication. After 18 months of no arrests my record will show no evidence of a DWI. This was a very emotionally stressful ordeal for me but Gerald handled all the details and got me the best possible outcome in my situation. I am very grateful for his expertise.
 – Anonymous
Got pulled over at 11:00pm in downtown Austin under suspicious circumstances. Jerry had me out of jail by 10:00am the following morning. A couple months later he was able to keep my license arguing that the officer was under investigation for suspicious activity and had no reason to pull me over. He argued the same defense on the criminal end and Just yesterday he sent me a “motion to dismiss” signed by the judge. I am now 100% innocent, no appeal. If Jerry didn’t have 36 years experience in Austin he would not know that this officer was corrupt. I would highly recommend Jerry for anybody who gets a DUI. Everybody makes a mistake like I did, thank god Jerry was able to get me a second chance. Great guy too. I plan on never needing his services again!
This was my first time ever getting in trouble with the law for anything other than a speeding ticket many years ago. Jerry’s attentiveness and compassion was beyond anything I could have expected. He took the time to understand my specific situation and the effects that the negative consequences of a conviction would create on my career progression. At times I was somewhat nervous but quickly found out that no news was great news because Jerry and his staff were diligently working behind the scenes to get the best possible outcome assured for my case. First victory came when Jerry was able to get the DWI charge dismissed and refiled as an Obstruction of Passageway. I was given deferred adjudication for 18 months on the charge plus normal fines and other conditions that come standard with the plea bargain. 18 months of deferred adjudication turned out to be a show stopper for the next step in my career. I reached out to Jerry for his help and he managed an outstanding feat. He used his knowledge and skills and managed to get my case an early discharge approved by the judge after only 2 months as opposed the the usual 1/3 of the time required. Thanks to Jerry, I am now eligible to attend training without any civil conviction waivers or having to wait out the entire term of my deferred adjudication as the early discharge order also dismissed the Obstruction of Passageway. If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for you, I highly recommend Jerry. I cannot say enough positive things about Jerry’s dedication to me as his client. Even after the first success he kept fighting on my behalf until every last loose end was 100% resolved.
I was out at a bar with a friend of mine, after which I returned to my car that I had left at my employer’s. Since it was around 2:30 in the morning and I had been drinking, I had decided to sleep in my car rather than drive home. It was December and cold outside so I started my car, put it in nuetral, set the parking brake, so I could run the heater. Sometime later I was awaken by a police man, who gave me a field sobriety test and then arrested me. Since it was my third DWI I was forced to give a blood sample, which turned out to be 0.16. One lawyer advised me to enter a plea of guilty for probation. Then I met Jerry Smith. He told me that we should contest the case on the basis that I was not in a public place and that I was not operating a car and I was asleep and had been for a couple of hours before the police man even came up to my car. Jerry never gave up on me and took it to trial. I was found not guilty because the court ruled it was not a public place and I was not operating a motor vehicle. I got my life back because of the dedication and thoroughness of Jerry Smith’s representation of me.
Very diligent case dropped. Hired Jerry after recommendations from a friend , he and his firm were very diligent and took the time with my case keep me informed and was very happy with the end result!
– Anonymous
I was arrested for DWI about 6 months ago. Gerald Smith was highly recommended to me by a business associate. I met with Mr. Smith for a consultation and was immediately relieved of much of the stress my arrest has caused me. He is a personable, likeable, and knowledgeable attorney. He did everything he had promised in the initial meeting and he was always available to speak with me by telephone. He negotiated with the court and got me a lesser charge. I couldn’t have a DWI on my record and keep my job. I am thankful to Mr. Smith for all he did for me and I would recommend him highly to anyone facing criminal charges.
– Bubba
Best Criminal Lawyer in Texas…a Lifesaver. After a trip to Austin went horribly wrong with me getting assaulted and wrongly thrown in jail to rot with serious charges, Jerry got me out of jail in less than 24 hours and back on a plane to my home state before I lost my job. He then pursued justice despite the police and the DA’s complete disregard for truth. He was able to prove that I was victim, and the police had completely blown the arrest. Result: CASE DISMISSED ALL CHARGES. You need Jerry on your side because the police could care less about justice.
 – Anonymous
I blew a little over .08. The State made an offer that Jerry suggested I reject and he set the case for trial. At the jury call Jerry convinced them to dismiss my case and without any court fees or costs. I appreciate his help and recommend him highly.
– Jessica
My lawyer did a great job for me Jerry got my DWI case dismissed although I took breath test and blew above the legal limit of .08.
– George
Mr. Smith did an outstanding job for me. I was charged with a second DWI and offered probation with a drivers license suspension and 3 days in jail as a condition of probation. I work in the oil field and being able to drive is very important to me and the surcharge to keep my license would have been at least $2000.00 per year if i accepted a conviction for DWI. Although I was having financial trouble, Jerry Smith continued to work hard for me and he finally convinced the prosecutor to dismiss he DWI and give me a 1 year probation on Obstruction of a Highway and a dismissal of the DWI. I have used lawyers in the past but have never had someone as interested and concerned for me as Mr. Smith. I highly recommend him.